FLOSSIE, the brand that houses one of exclusive range of embroidered fabric collection which makes it one of the most sought-after shopping destinations for women. FLOSSIE stands for ethnicity but with a contemporary twist that helps women experience outclass shopping experience. Everything is crafted with an incredible range of fabrics and intricate work. The classic collections of its timeless designs and ensembles for every woman are versatile and aesthetically appealing.

 The brand believes in making special memories even more precious so that every woman celebrates her occasion with full zing. The premier fabric store consistently offers creative new intricate designs blending the most eclectic color palettes and quality embellishments in an astonishing variety for women of all age groups at affordable prices.


 The color of any garment is the very foundation of how everything else fits together and creates an impression. The colors for FLOSSIE dresses play a very important role in defining THE collection. From soft pastels that accentuate the grace of a woman to powerful metallic and earthy shades that highlight the strength of a woman – FLOSSIE has it all in it’s masterful collection of embroidered dresses.

 Embroidery is a big part and defining characteristic of FLOSSIE dresses. The style of embroidery on most FLOSSIE dresses is fine work. This usually includes large bright floral embroidery, using bold and vibrant hues and accentuated with Swarovski or bead work that collectively brings out the beauty of the whole garment.

 The embroidery stands out and makes a bold statement. It is an intricate work that includes multiple threads, colors and other accessories. The embroidery patterns display elements of nature like flowers and leaves; adding to the beauty of the overall look.

 The Brand identity of FLOSSIE dresses is all about women. Every dress and collection that FLOSSIE presents showcases a different side, characteristic or emotion of a woman. Another striking element that portrays the brand identity of Flossie is craftsmanship. Each attire displays the finest showcase of craftsmanship, attention to detail, intricacy and finesse that is not only rare but also precious. Hence, Flossie is all about CRAFTING LUXURY FOR YOU.